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    Dear Cars for Neighbors,

    Our family would personally like to thank you with all of our hearts. You have…

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  • After being laid off from a dead-end job, William started attending school to become a machinist. With a car in…

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  • “Life has a way of wearing you down when facing struggle upon struggle. There were curveballs that I never planned…

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Cars for Neighbors Inc.
Facebook IconOctober 24, 2016 at 9:24 pm

When's the last time you checked your engine and cabin air filters? They help reduce contaminants that can hurt engine performance and air quality. #MaintenanceMonday

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Keep Your Car Breathing Well: Change the Air Filters - Be Car Care Aware


You need clean air to breathe and so does your car, and a vehicle’s air filters make that possible. The non-profit Car Care Council reminds car owners to have the engine and cabin air filters inspected and changed regularly to ensure vehicle longevity and interior comfort. “Air filters are your vehi...

Cars for Neighbors Inc.
October 21, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Cars for Neighbors Inc. shared MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce's photo.

What a great way to start the weekend! We enjoyed fabulous food and company during the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce Sunrise breakfast. And, to make it even more special the Fridley Lions made it possible to help at least 4 neighbors in need of car repair or get donated vehicles fixed up and ready to give away! We are so grateful for their support.

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MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce

Neal Steven Ray Elder, acting on the behalf of Bud Dauphin & the Fridley Lions, presented a $2000 check to Cars for Neighbors Inc.. We love the community support shown at Sunrise!

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    Cars for Neighbors was founded in 1999 under the name Free to Be. Located in Anoka County, MN, Cars for Neighbors is…

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