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    Dear Cars for Neighbors,

    Our family would personally like to thank you with all of our hearts. You have…

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  • After being laid off from a dead-end job, William started attending school to become a machinist. With a car in…

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  • “Life has a way of wearing you down when facing struggle upon struggle. There were curveballs that I never planned…

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Cars for Neighbors
Facebook IconOctober 24, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Our Executive Director, Jim Huff, spoke with members of the United Methodist Church of Anoka on Sunday about Cars for Neighbors. Let us know if you'd like him to speak to your congregation 763-717-7755.

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  • About Us

    Cars for Neighbors was founded in 1999 under the name Free to Be. Located in Anoka County, MN, Cars for Neighbors is…

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